Yoeleo 38mm vs 50mm depth

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by zefs

Hello, I can't decide on which wheelset to get, I will be upgrading from 23mm aluminum wheels (Cero). I have a disc brake Giant Defy Advanced, I live in a hilly area and do not race. I am 65kg and my biggest concern is crosswinds as sometimes even the current set gives me a push at 40kph crosswinds. The Yoeleos are carbon disc brake wheels with U shape, 25mm external and 17.5mm internal if I am not mistaken.

Since I already have a low profile set I was thinking of getting the 50's but I intend to make the carbon wheels my main set so want to get the wind concern out of the equation and they are only $20 more for the higher profile. Also how will the 50's behave on descends? Thoughts?

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by apricotwalnut

50s is more aerodynamic but littler bir heavier than 38s
there is no big difference. crosswind also cannot be problem
if you live in hilly area. recommed 38s

by Weenie

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by AJS914

If you are going to go with carbon rims, go deep and aero otherwise you might as well get some nice aero 30-35mm aluminum rims and save money.

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by zefs

That was my thought. Weight isn't a problem as they are about +50g, what about crosswinds?

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by alcatraz

Lighter rider / v-shape profile = crosswind susceptible

If you're light and want to ride stable in crosswinds get toroidal profile.

This is my understanding...

I run 58mm toroidal's on my sub 6kg bike in the hills in this coastal city and I'm 60kg on a good day. No issues. Don't ride without holding your bars though.


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