Winter is coming - what wheels are you gonna ride?

Everything about building wheels, glueing tubs, etc.
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by Multebear

Lelandjt wrote:Yikes! Well, chapaeu for riding in those conditions. I don't think I could bring myself to do it. Along the lines of what you said, I don't think I'd want just a different wheelset but an entirely different bike, like the £200 Btwin model Cycling Weekly showed in their aero/non-aero comparison. The thought of my drivetrain being ground to bits while my bearings rust out would make me shiver. I think a disposable one season bike would be my solution.

Obviously a frame doesn't wear. It'll only be grouppo, wheels and cables, that'll be exposed - especially moving parts. In northern europe most riders that take them selves seriously, have both a winter and summer bike. Some people buy cx bikes just to do something else than road riding.

If you have hubs with good sealings, then they're not much exposed. Braketrack is the big issue with winter training. That's why I was curious to what everyone was riding. I see mostly lower end Campy, Fulcrum or Mavic wheels in here. Not as many custom build wheels as I had hoped.

I'm considering building a set with Shimano 105 hubs, since they are very reasonable priced, have good durability, and a steel freehub body, that wont get gouged by cassettes. For rims I'm considering lower end Mavics. Open Pro or maybe something even cheaper. At least with a thick sidewalls for lots of braking with no issues. For spokes I'd just pick the cheapest ones, maybe DT Champion. That will be a wheelset at around 150 € or maybe even less.

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by Greg66

Bora One 35 tubs. Want to see how the AC3 braking surface copes with the wet.

by Weenie

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jekyll man
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by jekyll man

Mix of things.
Mainly Hope hubs and Open Pro's, or Powertap/ OP.
Or a Halo Aerorage rear on my fixed + a front wheel of whatever's closest....

Nothing like struggling to change a tyre in the dark @ -5c.. Prefer something that is nice and slack.
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by willmac

In respect to off the shelf vs custom. I choose custom as I tend to wear the front rim far more than the rear and due to the fact it only takes a season, it seems crazy to replace spokes and hubs due to a worn brake track. Off the shelf wheels are great, I've got some bit for winter I think custom gives you better value long term. Word to the wise though, brass nipples are your best friend if you ride in salt

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by LionelB

Aix en Provence and California here. same wheels in the winter. Bora tubs. Spoiled.

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by TonyM

Here in British Columbia/ Canada the winter is rainy and temp between 2 and 5 degrees. Group ride only with fenders and mudguards! 3 to 5 hours in the rain usually.
"Winter wheelset" because of the rain (hubs) and the dirt (brake pad on the rims). That's why I bought a set of Fulcrum Quattro LG CX (the CX version has a better sealing).
However I am thinking about a rain/ winter bike with disc, so that I can use nice carbon wheels also in the winter.

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by RyanH

A hodge podge of carbon tubs because Southern California :-)
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by sawyer

zondas for commuting and wet roads
bora's on dry days
Stiff, Light, Aero - Pick Three!! :thumbup:

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by MikeMoore

Ambrosio Nemesis on Novatec hubs for the nice bike, SP dynamo/PowerTap on Open Pros on the commuter.

In England so the roads can kill nice wheels quickly. I'm planning on doing more CX racing this year, and those are Hope Pro2s on Mavic Reflex.
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by sussexhills

Multbear I ride though UK Winter and have previously ridden old sets of cheap stock wheels off Specialized, Cannnondale, Giant etc but have all worn out comletely after one winter - usually the hub internals made them a write off. However last winter built up a set of Stans 400 rims on Hope Pro 3 Mono hubs. The serviceability of Hope's takes some beating as you can just pull off the free-hub (cassette and all), wipe and re grease and you're good to go again. The Stans rims aren't that expensive at about £70 each so would be affordable and worthwhile to replace, however I find that picking out shards from brake blocks increases rim life considerably. Also use a decent winter pad like Swisstop GXP Pro (purples).

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by racingcondor

DA hubs, 32/32 to Open Pro tub rims with Pave's for me.

Well sealed hubs that will last with a bit of servicing and cheap rims. Weight is a little over 1,600g even with all those spokes (but with UK roads you want them for riding through potholes, more pothole than road here...).

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by Multebear

sussexhills wrote:
Stans 400 rims on Hope Pro 3 Mono hubs.

I like this combo. But aren't the Stan rims completely worn after a winter? They don't seem to have that much of a brake track.

racingcondor wrote:
DA hubs, 32/32 to Open Pro tub rims with Pave's for me.

I like this a lot. Very good choice of components. But if you're going 32/32, why didn't you just pick 105 or ultegra hubs?

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by Multebear

ergott wrote:
Dyno for trouble free lighting.

Could you elaborate on that Dyno? Sounds very interesting.

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by sussexhills

I've only had one winters use on the Stand Alpha 400's and have noticed very little wear, but I don't drag brakes.

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by racingcondor

Multebear - Come to think of it I think they are Ultegra hubs... The only thing I'd change would be not to bother with the CD finish, unlike the anodising on my Ambrosio rims it didn't last. Ride is great though so I'm really happy with the result and I have a go to wheelset for any cobbled sportives I'm dumb enough to sign up to :wink: .

by Weenie

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