Winter is coming - what wheels are you gonna ride?

Everything about building wheels, glueing tubs, etc.
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by Multebear

I'm curious to see, what everybody is gonna ride on in 3 months time and during the winter. I'm considering which wheels to build/buy for the upcoming wintertraining and I'm looking for options.

I know, this has been debated before. But with new wheel/rim offerings every year, and with increased use of disc wheels, there's surely some development here.


I think I need to clarify what this topic is about.

If you live somewhere sunny all year, there's really no need for you to pitch in. If the weather doesn't change to cold and wet during your winter, obviously you don't have to change wheels for the winter, and your contribution isn't really needed for this topic. This topic is about how to overcome the challenge of cold and wet weather with all the additional wear and tear the weather will expose you and your bike to.
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by Attermann

I just use a set of fulcrum racing 5 LG, cheap and works great

by Weenie

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by tomycs

Similar here, off the shelf sturdy aluminium. Giant SL1 (C17, round spokes, 30mm, 1700g). they could have been cheaper though (just slightly cheaper than C17 Zondas) but can't complain about them either (yet. only 1 winter).

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by ergott


Oh, outside? :lol:

This. 650B Paris Motos which measure about 40mm on Nox Skyline rims. Dyno for trouble free lighting.


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by cmcdonnell

The same Campagnolo Neutron Ultra's I've used for the last 5 years!
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by Calnago

Ambrosio Nemesis Rims (Queen of the North), Campy Record hubs 32 hole, DT Swiss Competition spokes (2.0,, 3x lacing both sides, brass nipples front and rear...

Tires: Continental Competition Tubulars 25mm...

And probably the most important thing... full coverage fenders, full extended flaps to within 4cm of the ground up front, so not a drop of crud from the road gets thrown on my feet top or bottom, or the bottom bracket area...

Although, I do have this urge to throw on some Boras just to see if I can actually wear out or otherwise destroy a quality carbon rim track... carbon is so much harder and tougher than aluminum. And even with aluminum, it takes a long long time and a lot of bad weather riding to wear them out. Wearing out a rim track is pretty much at the bottom of the list of my concerns when riding in foul weather.
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by hambini

Shimano C60's for me.

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by Imaking20

Kickr or carbon. Kickr if the weather sucks, carbon if it doesn't :)

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by Mockenrue

cmcdonnell wrote:The same Campagnolo Neutron Ultra's I've used for the last 5 years!

Same here! Together with an old pair of Eurus from about 2011 which just go on and on.

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by Digger90

Any inexpensive but reasonable quality aluminium clinchers... Campagnolo Khamsin's in my case.

I rode Paris-Roubaix on a pair 2yrs ago... they shrugged it off easily and remained steadfastly true. I was so impressed with the cost->performance ratio that I bought another set when I sold the bike that pair were on...

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by oldturd

Just bought a set of Fulcrum 7 LG's for winter. Now to find a set of gumwalls for winter. ha ha.

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by bilwit

Vision TriMax 30... or a cheap set of 40mm chinese carbon clinchers I haven't used yet.. haven't decided. I was on 38mm from the same brand last year in all kinds of terrible weather in Seattle (200km/week) and it was fine, but it certainly did a number on the brake track

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by c60rider

Been using Campag Neutron Ultras for years and finally upgraded a year ago to Shamal Ultras with the alloy/machined brake track. I rode in some really crappy lanes and they were excellent coupled with 23mm continental gatorhardshells. That gave me 0mm clearance under the mudguard as the moulding nibs rubbed it so sanding those off let me ride the mudguards on my Look KG261. I was happy with the 23mm but I can imagine 28mm would float if you have clearance.

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by waltthizzney

Ultegra 6800

by Weenie

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by spdntrxi

Enve 2.2 Tubs with Veloflex Arenburgs ( just like last year)

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