Mix spokes - Flat/bladed 2.0mm 2.9/1.1

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by JayUK

Hi all,

I need to replace a few broken spokes which I believe are made by Alpina Raggi, their size is:

2.0/1.1 blade

Does anyone know where I can buy some from in the UK?

Or, is it ok to use a different make? If it is, then can anyone recommend a similar spec'ed spoke?



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by alcatraz

While it's hard to recommend you to use a different make of spoke, you could try a spoke of the same dimensions and see. More important I think is to get a spoke with similar crossectional area. It should behave similarly in elongation but becuse of different forging techniques it's hard to get a really good match.

I'm in Asia so the common spokes here are Cnspokes and Pillar. In Europe maybe it's Sapim and in America no clue.

I think it's wise to space the non matching spokes out a bit. Don't keep them bunched up together in a wheel as this will easier change the wheel characteristic in one spot.

Double check that the spokes you get are compatible with your nipples aswell. There are 15G and 14G spokes that both are common. 14G is 2mm and 15G 1.8mm at the threads if I remember correctly.


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