Good cheap pads for Reynolds carbon wheels

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by Azra

I have a pair of PowerTap AMP35 carbon wheels (made by Reynolds). They came with Reynolds Cryo-Blue pads.

My problem is that those pads wear out fast and cost a small freaking fortune. Reynolds sells them for $35 on their website and they also have Cryo-Blue Power pads which are allegedly better but cost a shocking $85. And those pads are not much cheaper from various online stores.

After some research I’ve found two alternatives:

LifeLine Performance - $5

Pro Lite Cistella - $9

So I have a few questions, the first is really newbie:

1. Does the color of those pads mean anything? Do I have to look for blue pads or can I go with some other color, like black for instance (SwissStop Black Prince) or yellow or whatever?

2. Are either the LifeLine Performance or Pro Lite Cistella good choices? I need good braking but not so good as to pay $85 to Reynolds. Also, for what it’s worth, I live in SoCal so rain is not a problem.

3. I know I will void the warranty on my wheels if I use 3rd party pads, but do I need to worry about that? I mean, how would PowerTap know if I used Reynolds or LifeLine pads?


by Weenie

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by Marin

I don't have Reynolds rims, but I used to run their pads on my 3 pairs of carbon clinchers.

I now run Lifeline blue and can't tell a difference. I just bought 4 new sets.

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by Juanmoretime

I'm not sure what you're doing to wear them out but I'm on my third season on the Reynolds blue pads and they still have life left in them. I have about 16,000 miles on them. To me they are worth the money.

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by Azra

Thank you Martin! I'm gonna order a set.

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