Rebuilding wheels with deep section rim

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by 12element

I purchased a set of elite 24 ultra Alu clinchers from superstar components a while back but I've been wondering lately if it would be possible to purchase Carbon rims from china and rebuild them as a set of deepish section clinchers? I rarely use them as I hate the colour of the rims (anodised red). I've never build a set of wheels but would love to try! Am I wasting my time?

I was thinking around a 45mm carbon clincher
hubs would be 78g/243g according to Superstar is this even light?
new spokes recommendations?

Link: ... t-2024.htm

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by AJS914

When you price rims from China I believe you are looking at $150/each plus $80 for shipping. At that point you may as well get some Novatec or Bitex hubs and have them built in China. Shipping is the same whether it's wheels or rims.

If you did buy rims it's unlikely that your spokes would be the right length so you'd be left with reusing those cheap hubs. Paint those red anodized rims if you don't like the color.

by Weenie

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by mentok

AJS914 wrote:Paint those red anodized rims if you don't like the color.

or sell the whole wheelset and re-invest in a new set.

or find a replacement rim with the same ERD and spoke count as the existing rims and re-build onto them.

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by alcatraz

Unless you are very happy with your hubs and have a certain spoke/nipple combination in mind then a set of affordable light hubs already laced might do the trick.

I did the lacing myself, ordered 58mm zipp 404 copies and cn spoke 424 spokes. While I'm happy with the resuolt I still couldnt dial in the length of the spoke perfectly like a wheelbuilder could. I could only get the length I estimated would be right and it was off by a few mm and thats enough to mess up the use with alloy nipples which I like to keep the weight down.


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