Wheel changes between 25mm and 24mm wide rims? Painful?

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by Lookwhereyouregoing

Hi, first post and not weight specific but this always comes across as the most sensible forum. And just to be up front with you all, I might be over thinking this to avoid real life...
Well, I am planning on getting some farsport 50mm or 60mm, 25mm wide carbon clinchers for TTs and general posing. I could also do with some more reliable main alloy road/cx wheels.
So, i want to plan my wheels properly to cut down on the faff of wheel changes. I would be riding the carbon wheels for evening 10s and some weekends so at least twice a week. Brake pads changes I can hopefully put up with, but different rim widths and adjusting the cable length is not happening especially with my inaccessible rear TT brake.
There are a few 24mm wide alloy rims available, but the only 25mm wide alloy rims I can find are hed belgium plus and they are pretty expensive.
So my question is, would changing between 25mm and 24mm rims require much adjustment if any? Do you think I would be better off/happier with all 25mm wide wheels?

Thank you :D

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by Hellgate

Easy, just give the barrel adjust a turn or two and you're good to go!

Swapping brake pads can be a PITA however...

My wheelsets are all alloy brake surfaces so I don't have to deal with a pad swap.

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by Weenie

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