Alternative to Bora One Clinchers

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by morrisond

Although they are not as deep as you are looking for I'm a real fan of the Fulcrum Zero Carbon Clinchers. I have Bora 50mm Ultra Clinchers as well.

I find the Fulcrum's (possibly due to the aluminum spokes) are a lot more responsive and zippy and they are also light at 1358 grams. They brake as good or better than the Bora's as they have the same braking surface and i'm guessing due to the stiffer spokes decelerate better initially.

If you are building more of a climbing bike I would say definitely go for Fulcrum Zero Carbon's - they are a great wheel and a bargain compared to Ultra's.

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by nemeseri

I really like my Zipp 303 NSWs. Want something deeper? Go with 404s. They are pretty awesome. Although in that case you have the SRAM vs Shimano thing going on which I'm fine with, but in this case you can very well go with the campa wheels too.

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by Alumen

Even from a purist perspective... On an Italian bike you're allowed to mix a Italian frameset, with Campy wheels and Shimano kit.

Heck..., maybe even just on non Italian brands as well, but then, you can remove the decals indeed (I like the Havana solution very much too!). Even I are looking for Campy wheels with Shimano kit again on my Cannondale !

Campy wheels are simply good wheels though... Regardless of buying it by emotion or rationel LOL

Else.., go for the Fulcrum Quattro Carbon if it really keeps you up at night ;)
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by westham7

Dogmatic13 wrote:Hi all,

Currently running Bora One Clinchers on my C60 and I love em. Was on a pair of Assaults previously and they don't compare at all.

Working on my next build now and pretty sure I will go for DA DI2's. As such, much as I love Campy wheels, I can't get past doing a Shimagnolo mashup.

Any suggestions for the closest alternative to the Boras? Looking for something with a very similar ride and great to hear some actual experience out there.

I'm thinking Fulcrum Speed 40 C's - thoughts? Frankly wanting something a bit deeper between 45-50mm.


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Go the Enve 4.5

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