Front Stock wheel(with tube, stock tires, quick release) on my 2015 Specialized Allez = 1.5kg. Best weight saving opp?

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by jimmerjohn123

Just getting into the weight weenies scene. I have a 2015 Allez Sport fully stock (52cm) and its a chunky boy at around ~10kg all in. I was thinking about making an upgrade and wheels seem to make some sense because the stock ones are noticeably heavy and upgraded wheels can always be carried forward to new bikes.

So I'm curious, is 1500g pretty heavy? (with tire, tube, quick release) I mean, of course its going to be heavier than any aftermarket upgrade. But is this more on the extreme end? What weight should I be aiming for if I were looking to value spend? It would be awesome if I could save ~1kg for a new wheelset. Thanks in advance.

Edit: Is something like the novatec jetfly (link) pretty good? 1435g for pair and under $400

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by PrimO

Yes that's pretty heavy for a front wheel alone as it means both your wheels (inc tyres/tubes) are over 3kg, probably closer to 3.2kg.

If you were to match those Jetfly wheels (1435g) with a set of lighter tyres (GP4000's 23mm will weigh 420g) and latex tubes (140g) you would drop over 1kg in weight which should be noticeable on the road immediately.

by Weenie

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