Odd tubeless leak - Pacenti rim

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by NovemberDave

There's nothing to do with the SL23's spoke hole crack or joint rattle tendencies that has anything to do with what you're experiencing. They're both totally removed from any part of the tubeless interface.

I'd put the odds at 99 to 1 that the tape is compromised somehow, some way. Simply reaping the rim at this point seems the best next move, but removing the valve stem and putting a 2" piece of electrical tape over the tape at the valve hole, then reinstalling the valve stem by piercing the electrical tape with it would make sense before doing that.

I've never had to crush down on a valve nut anything more than hand tight. That would be evidence of a deficiency elsewhere to me.

by Weenie

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by CrossRob

I've finally got to the bottom of this - it was indeed the taping.

After re-taping three times, and because the Panaracer tyres are so tight on the rim, I tried it with one wrap of tape, not two. Unsurprisingly the tyre went on more easily, but while it held air for a couple of rides, after one on cobbles, it went flat overnight. When I took the tyre off, I could see that the bead was dragging the tape up as I removed it.

I tried it again with two wraps and checked the tape where I first dropped the bead off the rim shoulder. Sure enough the tape was loose - not easy to see, but loose all the same.

I guess that leaves me using something stickier and more robust (Gorilla tape?) or switching to a different tyre that isn't quite so tight.

Incidentally, I tried putting some cotton Velox tape on and a tube in the Panaracer. There's absolutely no way that tyre was going back on short of using a metal tyre lever! I wouldn't like to have tried that miles from home!

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by Orlok

If you trie Schwalbe Tubeless tape you only need one wrap of tape.!
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