Trouble pulling driver body off on Zipp 404 hub

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by Shrike

Supposed to just pull off with your fingers after removing the end caps but even with a lot of force, the body isn't budging. Any ideas on how to get this off. Have some weird-ass problem with the hub, basically when the QR skewer is closed, even gently, the freehub won't spin backwards, as if the mildest amount of load will dramatically seize up the bearings. Completely removed the cassette and mounted it on several frames and the issue is always the same. Need to get inside to check the seal, it might have been slightly misaligned at factory according to Zipp. I think it's something to do with friction and the end caps from playing around with it, but not sure really. They've only had half a dozen rides, maybe 500 miles so far.

Here's a video of the driver body being pulled off (he actually says if you're lucky it'll just pull off, doesn't say what to do if unlucky though)

Any ideas?

Zipp's manual shows the same thing - driver body being pulled off (page 7) ... NGLISH.pdf

by Weenie

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