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Which set do I go for?

Poll ended at Fri Jun 09, 2017 8:34 am

Reynolds Strike SLG
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by Glow


I have no experience of deep section wheels but I think it's about time to upgrade from my fulcrum racing 3's. I have rolling hills and flats as my local area. I'm 86-87 kg or about 190 pounds. Currently I two option from local riders willing to sell me wheels, both sets are roughly the same in price at 900 euro/950 USD.

First set is a FFWD F6R FCC with DT 240's that has run about 60 km.

Second set is a Reynolds Strike SLG which are brand new.

So which of these sets are considered 'better'? Are these good option for the given price point or should I demand a lower price? Should I look for elsewhere or for another brand altogether? Thanks for helping me out! (Updates with more wheel sets might be coming to the post as I have a notice up on a local board).

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by istigatrice

Unless something is wrong with your racing 3s, I'd still ride/race those - they're great wheels.

That said new gear is always nice. I'd take the Reynolds wheels because they have more R&D in the rims - they should be a bit more aero.
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by Weenie

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by Glow

I guess there's nothing wrong with the racing 3's, just cravings for upgrades and deep section wheels looks so good. Saving the money might be the senseful thing to do.

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by Vermu

Might be! But we all love upgrades, don't we? ;)
I was in to deeper and had racing 3. Absolutely loved those. Best in their price range imo.
When comparing with deeper, You'll notice difference. Just that do You pedal hard enough to justife loss of money?

Would go with reynolds.

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by Glow

Yeah the fulcrum was a really good choice at that price point. They took me through a very rainy 130 km sportive today.

What kind of difference can I expect if I would upgrade? Also what made you suggest the Reynolds?

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by Kumppa

For your weight there is no any problem with FFWD. Rims are generic made in Taiwan and hubs are reliable. Can't go wrong with FFWD if you like how they look. I have been riding same wheels for like 4 years and no problem at all. For that money it is pretty good deal. And easy to get spare parts for hubs. I also ride Enve 6.7 and of course you can feel small different on side wind (FFWD 22,4mm wide rim) but it isn't problem for my ~74kg weight.

Haven't ride any Reynolds wheels. Easy to get spare parts for hub? I don't think there are any different between braking when both are pure carbon.

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by hatsunagi

Ive heard a quite about ffwd rim problems when it is under long, harsh braking... for your safety as well as money i think you would go with reynolds

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by Weenie

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