Competitive Cyclist is having Easton EA90 SLX wheel for under $450 shipped

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by Mr.Gib

I'll add my data point.
Wheels arrived perfectly round and true. I checked all spokes using a tensiometer and the tensions were perfectly even - as good a build as I have seen on a new factory wheel. Despite being tubeless compatible, clincher tires were not too difficult to mount. I took them around the block on my wife's tiny bike and I did not find them soft or flexible. I am 80 kg. Wife is happy with them - Conti GP4000S at 80 psi.
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by Weenie

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by cmpatti

I have a pair on order, so I can't comment based on experience. Before ordering, however, I did read all the reviews I could find and there was impressively consistent praise for the wheels' durability. See: ... slx-wheels ... -15-49449/ ... ad-wheels/ ... s-for-2015

So I have reason to hope that for me, at 71kg rider weight, the wheels will hold up well under general purpose riding.

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by stockae92

Now $465 with 15% off ($30 shipping with tax in some States) ... t-tubeless

crazy good deal if you ask me

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