Ax-Lightness wheels feel to light, thinking of trading for heavier aero rims

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by bikebreak

This may sound crazy, here goes:

I just got Ax-Lightness 24mm wheels. They are smooth, light, beautiful, amazing braking. Everything wonderful. Especially with Veloflex tires. I have only a few rides on them, less than 100 miles.

My wheel history is after I graduated from alloy I used Zipp 303 (1260g) for about 3 years, the new Easton EC90 aero 55mm (1368g) for almost a year, and Reynolds 32UL (1070g). All tubular.

All of the above seem to hold speed better than the Ax-Lightness 24mm, probably due to a combination of being more aero and heavier rims. My feeling is that the heavier rims, once up to speed, feel faster due to their momentum. The Reynolds rims are about 275g, Zipp 380g, and Easton estimated at 430g. The Easton were crazy fast on flats and descents.

I know it's blasphemy here but I'm thinking of trading the Ax-Lightness 24mm for their 38mm (285g rims) or the Extralite C32 (I'm guessing 260g rims since they use MegaLite spokes).
Due to bank balance I can't keep the 24mm and get a deeper rim too. I've since sold my Zipp and Easton wheels and have the Reynolds 32 on my 2nd bike.

Anyone else prefer a deeper heavier rim than the 24mm?
Any reviews on the Ax-Lightness 38mm or Extralite C32? Anything else in that 30-40mm range worth considering?


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by RyanH

I'll trade you my 1222g Bora 50s ;-) and they have like 200 miles on them to boot.

by Weenie

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