35-40mm wheelset alloy/carbon

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by nevikte


I currently have a set of mavic ksyrium elite wheels,
and I'd like to get sometime with a 35mm to 40mm height, with an Alloy brake track.

The Fulcrum Racing Quattro LG seems to be 35mm and Alloy, but not sure if they are "below" the ksyrium elite in quality.
any other suggestion?


by Weenie

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by PrimO

The alloy version of the Quattro would be a 'lesser' wheel than the Elites however they are still a very good wheel and if I had the choice between the two (regardless of cost) I'd take the Quattros. The Fulcrum 3 or Campagnolo Zonda would be a comparable match for the Elite in terms of quality/price etc and would be my choice over the Mavics.

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by Razor

Are you considering pre-built only? I just bought a pair of 38mm (17 internal, 23mm width)/570g rims w/3k Twill finish. Will have them laced to Tune hubs.

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by Ltyarbro42

I would put the quattros over the Mavic's personally. I just don't live Mavic very much. I had good luck with the quattros as a race/train wheelset when I was still in school, though they do handle poorly in high winds. The best you can do for alloy is 30mm wide with a refined aero shape. Boyd Altamont, ALforce, Flo 30s, etc. etc.

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by AJS914

You can also build up a nice wheelset with a Kinlin XR31T, Easton R90SL or AForce rim.

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