Tubeless trouble

Everything about building wheels, glueing tubs, etc.
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by shimmeD

LBS not TGG (tub glueing guru).
It should be fair to say one shouldn't trust LBS on everything bicycles and least of all tubulars, sad :(
Less is more.

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by bm0p700f

it depends on the shop. try removing one of the tubs on my own wheels. it';s not easy.

i road race now only on tubeless tyres (IRC roadlites) and come the long TT's this year i will fit IRC formula lights. i know i will finish without puncturing and have the lowest crr tyres that is practical for 12hr and 24hr TT's. got a broken collar bone at present though which is a bummer.

I don't do cross but i do ride 29er's on tubs and tubeless/ on tubs i have had my dugasts down to 18 psi for the front but i got a pinch flat quickly. i find though they work better at 23 psi front 25 rear. this is a 52mm tub as well. the dugast cross tubs run sub 20 psi feel horrid to me. mid to high 20's and they are lovely.

MTB tubeless below 20 psi is squirmy except with scwable pro core then 12 psi front 14 psi rear is what i use with geax gato 2.3" tyres.
cross tubeless is no different. for the IRC serrac tyres 28 psi for my weight is about right.

i am 85 kg kitted up.

maybe dugast need to make an ori version of there cross tubs.

by Weenie

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by Geoff

'Cross ain't cheap, that's for sure. Running multiple bikes and a couple of wheelsets for each course condition is tough on the wallet.

I don't think I would let someone else glue my tires...

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