Any comment or reviews on these wheels, Vision TC24 Carbon Road Wheelset

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by merlinxlm

I'm looking to buy a good, light set of wheels. They will be replacing my old Shimano RS81, C24. Primarily used for hill climb TT’s and summer day use, I do realise that they are Tubs, not a problem. But all carbon, is this reliable/strong? As I’ve hit some big pot holes with my old C24. And no problem at all, Braking, is carbon as bad as they say? They will not be used in bad weather, but in case, I am caught out in a rainstorm. Will this be an issue? Reliability of these wheels, not heard much on the make. Positive note, light’ish for the money? 1250gr, will I notice much of an improvement on the steep hills, as these are type of TT’s I will be competing in? Any comment or user reviews really appreciated.

Thank you.

by Weenie

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by sawyer

Hi - I haven't ridden Vision though know a couple of guys with them who love them, and they have pro level use in their favour of course.

Braking on carbon - fine with the right pads. No worse than alu in the dry. A bit worse in the wet, but it doesn't sound like that will be a major use for you anyway?

That looks to me to be a killer deal. I would expect them to be pretty stiff for their depth given the spoke count and weight (which is far from spectacular for a shallow tub wheelset). Bora Ones are lighter, more aero, and probably have better hubs, but then again cost 80% more than the deal here!

If I was you I'd go for them :beerchug:
Stiff, Light, Aero - Pick Three!! :thumbup:

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by upside

If you are a larger rider you will find the rear wheel flexes very easily. You can buy those on the bay for 200-400 dollars.

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by m66

I bought 4 sets of these back in 2012 when Cannondale was shipping them standard on the SuperSix Evo Red Racing model. They came with Schwalbe Ultremo HT tubulars. People who didn't want to run tubies were listing them as new/take off on eBay, tires included, for $300-$400 USD a set. Of course back then they had a 10sp freehub, but fortunately Vision has made an 11 speed upgrade freehub, about $70 USD. Takes about 30 seconds to swap out, no redish required. I've converted 3 sets so far.

They've been pretty good wheels, the 1250g weight claim is spot on. I've used them mainly on my rain/winter/training bikes, and at $500 a set including tires they're amazingly light and durable. Braking is definitely old school carbon- I've tried a lot of different pads but it doesn't really change - basically very little modulation and somewhat easy to lock up. Also in the wet, it takes a full sweep of the pads before the braking actually kick in..not ideal for a rain bike lol.

I'm 60kg, no durability issues despite some very bad CT roads. They've stayed true, spin decently, and I find a noticeable difference between these and a set of 1400g clinchers, especially when the road heads up.

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