Continental GP4000s II still the go to tyre

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by Alumen

Is the Continental GP4000s II still the go to tyre for you all ?

Fast rolling...
Puncture resistant...
Low wearing...
Looks (?)...
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by Nejmann

F**k no :lol:

S-Works Turbo or Michelin Competition power. :wink:

by Weenie

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by Marin

No, life is too short to ride harsh tires!

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by mdeth1313

I went back to them after my schwalbe one tires kept getting cuts and flatting all the time. They were better, then the sidewall cuts (and subsequent flats) started. My roads suck, I finally went to kenda kaliente tires - no flats in over a year, including riding right thru the winter. Hardly even a cut. Weigh less too.
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by track01

How does Conti GP4000s compare to their Competition ones?

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by syplam

I think the 4000s are good overall but not when you want a more comfortable ride, i would use tires with higher tpi

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by F45

I have a theory on the harsh ride reputation. Since they're often oversized, people use an air pressure for the advertised width, which is too much. I have some carbon clinchers, one with 4000sII 28mm (31 actual) and another with S works turbo 28mm (28 actual). The conti's were terrible at 80psi. I dropped them to 70 and they're not bad at all. Because of their cheap price, still my go to tire.

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by kervelo

IMO the gp4000sII is harsh if you overinflate them. I also would not use heavy/thick tubes with them. Nice latex tubes and correct pressure make them pretty comfortable. I am sure more comfortable tyres exist, but as a daily training tyre conti is still a good choice.

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by Delorre

The gp4000s are almost perfect : long lasting, light, low rolling resistance an for me at least, almost impossible to flat (unless they are completely worn). I tried the michelin power comp in 25. Those are a very little wider and taller vs a 23mm gp 4000s. To compare : Michelin rolls a little better, has better high frequency filtering , is a little heavier but wears faster (but not one cut or flat in 1500 miles, very happy). Front one developped a wobble after 500 miles, never had that with coni's. All in all, the riding experience on the Michelin is nicer, but it comes at a price (ah yes, also higher retail price) of being less bomp proof. One has to choose, the magic tyre that does everything better doesn't exist.

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by hambini

All of my bikes have GP4000s.

I have found the tyres to be long lasting and fairly puncture resistant. My priority is not to have a flat versus ultra fast rolling.

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by gsindela

All tyre discussions should include the information on

Spectacular site. Check it out.
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by Alumen

gsindela wrote:All tyre discussions should include the information on

Spectacular site. Check it out.

I know that site pretty well..., the GP4000s is highly recommended..., but that doesn't mean that this tyre is still the go to tyre :wink:
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by AJS914

GP4000s are still my go-to tire. I've never found them harsh riding.

I tried some Vittoria Open Corsa Evo CXes and they were a tiny bit more comfortable and supple feeling but nothing dramatic. I got many more flats so, I went back to the GP4000s.

I also tried some Pro4 Service Corse tires a while back and really liked them so I wouldn't mind trying Michelin's latest.

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by Beaver

It's a "harder" tire, but rolling resistance doesn't increase as with other tires when you reduce pressure and they are puncture proof and durable.

I (70kg) ride them in 23mm on 17C with 4.5/5bar and 25mm on 21C with 4.0/4.5bar. Not squishy and still roll very well, cornering is great. With the 25mm (real width 28.5mm) there are only minor vibrations even on very rough roads (those that make car tires really loud).

by Weenie

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by pdlpsher1

+1 on keeping the correct tire pressure. Conti 4k is the only tire I use. I keep three different sizes on hand. On the single bike it's 23mm front and 25mm rear. On my tandem it's 25mm front and 28mm rear. They aren't the best in any single criteria. But they offer the best compromise among all of the things we consider as important....price, puncture resistance, wear, rolling resistance, and a reasonable ride when properly inflated.

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