Fulcrum Racing Zero C17 or DT Swiss RR21 Dicut

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by Ville


I want to buy an alloy wheelset for my Tarmac and I'm hesitating between these to wheels. I'm 62kg.

I love the looks of the Zero's, but don't know if they have to be trued it will be as simple as with 'standard' wheelsets.
The RR21 is lighter, more spokes, but gives a more 'classic' look at the bike.

Anyone have experiences with them and/or recommandations?


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by Kevinch76

Zeroes!.. best non carbon wheels...IMHO

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by cmcdonnell

I love my Campagnolo Shamals which are basically a re-branded Fulcrum Zero to appease people with a non-Campagnolo groupset. I use them as my bad weather wheel and over 15000 miles I have not had to touch them. In fact the same can be said of all my Campagnolo wheels including a set of Neutron Ultras with over 30000 winter miles.
Bianchi Oltre XR2 + Campagnolo Super Record 11 + Campagnolo Bora 50C
Litespeed T1 + Campagnolo Chorus 11 + Campagnolo Shamal Ultra

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by sib

The DT Swiss RR21 Dicut are tubeless ready, I think. Not sure if that's important or not.
I have DA C24s and love them as far as performance is concerned, but prefer the look of the Fulcrums.

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by Delorre

I would take the Fulcrums : bomb proof, stiffer and better hubs. They also look a little more modern. With your 62 kg, I wouldn't worry too much about trueing the Fulcrums : ubless you crash, they will remain true. I've hit several putholes with my previous Shamal Ultra's, once causing a pinch flat + rotated handlebar and a hurt wrist, but the rim was still like new, unbelievable :shock:

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by nom8099

Fulcrum zero, better looks!!

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by moonoi

I used both Shamal Mille (similar to the Fulcrum Racing Zero) and DT Swiss RR22Dicut (I believe the difference from the RR21 is the hub), the Shamal is hands down the better wheel, laterally stiff whilst remaining compliant/comfortable. I would expect this to be the same for the Fulcrum version of the wheel.

So go for the Racing Zero

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by uraqt

Mavic just said the open pro is going to be available with exalith finish. So that might be a better option. They are going to be around 170USD each.


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