Are there silent or very-low-freewheel-noise thru-axle hubs or wheels?

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by phlip

I ordered a Canyon Endurace AL Disc when they were on sale a few weeks ago. That bicycle features through-axles front and rear and comes stock with DT Swiss R 24 Spline db wheels. I spun them in a shop the other day and found their freewheel mechanism to be disgustingly loud. Some people appreciate the sound. I certainly do not.

Because I like the looks of them and because I believe they are some of the widest on the market, I would fancy wheels built with H Plus Son The Hydra rims. Are there reasonably priced hubs that have a silent or near-silent freewheel mechanism?

Alternatively, are there factory wheels with a silent or near-silent freewheel mechanism? If possible, not from Campagnolo or Fulcrum-branded.

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by DutchMountains

The DT Swiss 350 hub that I have was quiet when new and is silent now (3000km). This is the 24h "road" version with 142x12mm through axle and center lock disc, laced to into a Kinlin XR31 rim. If your are Europe, Malcolm ( has a good selection and prices of these hubs.

by Weenie

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by phlip

Interesting. I was assuming all DT Swiss hubs use a similar if not the same freewheel mechanism design, and hence are similarly loud.

The 350 hubs on these two videos are anything but quiet:

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by ms6073

The noise from the freehubs of DT Swiss 240/350 series hubs can easily be reduced by applying lubricant to the ratchets behind the freehub. While someone is probably going to reply with all the reasons against this approach and it is far from a permanent fix, I have alternately used Prolink Gold chain lube or high-temp lithium grease on the freehubs of our DT 240S hubs and they are very quiet
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