Hunt Aero Light Disc Road

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by mdeth1313

Anyone used Hunt wheels or aware of their reputation, etc? ... 7931401859

Looks like a good deal for the price, looking for input...
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by Jhomewood

Two year warranty and excellent customer service is a huge plus. i've had some alloy rim brake versions of their wheels and they've held up very well. i am pretty happy with being on them every day.

by Weenie

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by phlip

Jhomewood, how noisy/loud is the freewheel mechanism on your Hunt wheels please?

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by gazzaputt

It's louder than Mavic quiter than Zipp.

I have the wheelset in question and cannot fault them. Responsive and roll very well. I bought these to replace Zipp 30 Course and I don't regret it.

I run 25mm Schwalbe Pro Ones.

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by Tomstr

Why did you get rid of the Zipp 30 course disc? I was eyeing a set :-)
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by Ticlimax

I have the gravel discs. Broke a front wheel with a fall (without a brake track, the wheels are susceptible to side-impact), and used the crash replacement policy to get a new one halfprice. When I broke my centerlock-lockring, they sent me two new ones at no cost.

So service is good.

The wheels are nice as well. Look good, light and after bikepacking them in Africa, still true. My friend rode cheap bombproof 32-spoke wheels and they went out of true halfway through. In the meanwhile I have set them up tubeless with Pro ones, which with CO2 canisters wasn't hard.

by Weenie

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