DuraAce C24 9100 or custom HED Belgium plus build?

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by NovemberDave

zilla24 wrote:Guys thanks for the awesome responses on the white industries T11s.

Biggergear - I am very curious how you like them once you get some miles on them. I watched some YouTube videos on them yesterday and the bearing preload looks very simple to adjust if necessary, just not sure how well the setscrew holds in place or if it marks the axle.

All considered I think the T11s will be my hub choice.

Big fan of T11s here. Preload is easy to deal with. The only set screw caveat is that you only want to use enough torque to get it to hold, which isn't very much. It's a 2mm head. Getting a 19mm ratchet bit or equivalent size steel spacer from the hardware store (cheaper at about $.60 if you can find one) helps as you are setting the preload but don't overdo it. Whether or not the screw slightly mars the axle isn't an issue as it's completely isolated from the bearing/axle interaction. And yes, the front is supposed to look like that (you'll understand that if you get a set). That's the #1 question we get from customers who get them.

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