Reynolds Strike Carbon Clincher opinions

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by Jamieh2706

Hi all,

This is my first post so sorry if these has already been covered!

Has anyone rolled the 2016/2017 Reynolds Strike Carbon Clinchers? & could you please share some feedback if so!

I'm looking at these for flat style crits / road races with minimal hills

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by calleking


It's a decent wheelset, quite stiff, somewhat wide and comfortable. It holds speed really well and climbs OK for being 62mm deep. Depending on the deal you get on them it's a lot of wheelset for the money.

I was running 23mm GP4000S2 in the front and 25mm in the back. Perfect setup in my opinion. Front tyre was 24,8mm (90 PSI) and rear was 26,5mm (95 PSI). Breaking is really good with the Cryo Blue Power brake pads even in the wet. Nothing close to discs but way better than anything I had previously tried. I'm 74kg and didn't notice much during crosswinds. It should be pointed out that it does depend on how much weight you're putting on your front wheel which can vary depending on bike fit. I live next to the sea in Gothenburg so there's quite a bit of wind here.

I used to run these before I switched over to Enve SES 4.5. The Enves are definately a step up but I was pretty happy with Reynolds Strike to be honest.
Aeroad CF SLX w. ENVE SES 4.5

by Weenie

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by Shrike

Had one 20 mile ride in the clincher version. Same setup as above, 23mm on the front and 25mm on the rear. Was a windy day, 17 mph winds, nearly 30mph gusts (intentionally took them out to see how they were in the wind).

I thought they were well behaved but most surprising was how comfortable they were on our crap roads. Wasn't expecting that. Felt light and fast and sounded heavenly, though I think all wheels this deep probably sound mesmerising. They definitely don't feel like a heavy wheel on hills. Just over 1600 for 62mm clinchers? Pretty sick.

That said, just a short 20 mile on off so my experience is limited (came with an Aeroad, not mine, just stuck on my bike for a day). Would I buy them, yes, and nearly did this weekend past, but I wanted to try tubulars and they don't do them so went with something else.

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