Are Enve rims still Made in USA?

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by spartan

in a couple a years when discs are the std on high end roadbikes enve only advantage(brake surface) will be irrelevant.

the chinese have caught up with american/euro brands on durability/strength. going forward the chinese government is investing billions to catch up/leap over japanese/western carbon fibre manufacturers.

enve concentrate on reducing cost/automating rim manufacturing or else....
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by Zoro

Multebear wrote:No offense, just out of curiosity, why would you ask?

I didn't ask, but I have noticed a difference in detail and workmanship on where things are made. There is top quality from everywhere and also poor quality, but some countries have a pattern for making better or lessor stuff.

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by Nefarious86

NovemberDave wrote: I can't imagine that any single person riding their wheels would continue doing so even for a day because if they straight up explicitly lied about that, what else do they lie about?

Instantly cheep enves haha
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by Zoro

Multebear wrote:...

Do you know for a fact, that they are US-made? Or are you just assuming they are? Have you seen the facilities, where they are made?

I ride rims from a competitor built in the same city - Ogden, who mentioned ENVE build rims there. The competitor's rims are not made in USA.

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by bikebreak

mpulsiv wrote:
MoPho wrote:
Multebear wrote:Maybe. I've noticed that "US made" is very important for most americans.

That's why I have 5 Giant bikes.... Oh, wait.... :shock:

I don't care much about where it is made, I do care about how they test and backup the product.

Enve video

Yeah, in my somewhat limited experience (8 frames, various wheelsets, stems, forks etc) the made in Taiwan stuff is a HUGE step above made in China and can be just as good as made in US for things like alloy rims and stems. I think all my carbon rims have been US made so can't compare those.


You should care where its made! Giant is made in Taiwan, the country of bike pioneers. They have dedicated universities for bike industry. Taiwanese take pride in what the do and produce some of the highest quality products.

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by Kumppa

From Enve's instagram:
Have you ever wondered what our facility looks like for our U.S. manufacturing? Wonder no more and head over to our profile link to see our brand new facility right here in Ogden, Utah. #iRideENVE
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by djgarrett21

I have some friends who have worked there and one who still does. I've seen their new facility with my own eyes. Their wheels are most definitely made in Ogden Utah.

Regarding disc brakes and the Chinese "catching up"; I just don't see that happening. The same prepreg, autoclaves/ovens, engineering know-how is available to the Chinese now and there are many high quality composite parts being manufactured for all sorts of brands there currently. The difference you get with a US manufacturer is greater control over the manufacturing process and quality control. QC cannot be emphasized enough in composites and is usually the difference between poorly made/cheap Chinese parts and quality parts made in China, the US, or anywhere for that matter. So the only catching up the Chinese have to do is getting control of the many fly-by-night operations that crank out poor quality parts made from prepreg of questionable origin.

The vast majority of composite materials are made for the aerospace industry. Sporting goods is a small percentage of the market. So the idea that some bike brand has some proprietary resin or material is almost always a bunch of marketing hype/BS.

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by TonyM

Just a thought....

The question would be if all their rims are made in the USA or only for some models etc....

You may also be able to check their sales worldwide and to see if they could technically produce all these rims in the USA....

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by Djkinsella89

Multebear wrote:No offense, just out of curiosity, why would you ask?

Maybe some Americans simply like the idea of supporting our economy by buying products that are made here.

Multebear wrote:Maybe. I've noticed that "US made" is very important for most americans. We europeans tend to care a little less about where stuff is made, since most of our products are made in asia anyway.

Perhaps you Europeans caring less is the reason why the Europeans Union is jumping the shark?

And maybe most Americans don't care about US manufacturing, but most Americans are also clinically obese, so I would never claim we don't have people who suck here. :lol:

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by kode54

it just seems that Enve is focused on making great wheels/rims and anything carbon. whenever they introduce another product, seems as though they have thought out the design, carbon layup, durability and everything else associated with producing top notch products. whether or not its made in the US or not. there are many companies who designs and oversee production in Asia and still produce some of the best products out there. i had no issues with Parlee building their Z5 SLi overseas. its a great product regardless of where its made.
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by mpulsiv

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by spdntrxi

that's a lot of office space :lol:

I really like my Enve's..if they made a disc..I'd drop my Zipp

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by spartan

enve build quality..ha ha ha

a brave honest journalist call's them out. ... -the-game/

i will re-iterate automation of manufacturing of carbon rims is a game changer. currently the tech is in german(munich composites) taiwan(venn). the machines never make human errors during layup.

enve is loved by lbs in the usa due to there policy on on-line sales. free market is going to crush them.
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