kg/f for Shamal 90's rims

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by pinkSanta

I've just bought a spoke tensionmeter
Does anyone know roughly/specifically how many kg/f of spoke tension for the old Shamal aluminium clincher rims?
That info is nowhere to be found on the wast internet. ... 57A99.jpeg

( ... &AbsPos=10 "the ones in the middle")
I would possible say '91 '92

Or if someone knows a good old thumb of rule for older rims.

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by victorduraace

Not much. I saw them cracked few Times. Eyeletted? Try nipple washer just to be safe. And round 2.0 spokes in rear that will provide stiff build without going too high on tension.

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by bm0p700f

The rims had square washers in back in the day. not sure if normal washer will even fit. It is one of those rims that is a pain to build with done it once and never again.

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