need recommendations on tubs

Everything about building wheels, glueing tubs, etc.
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by addictR1

thank you all for all the informative info!

also got confirmation back from Reynolds directly:


Thank you for the email, you can run 23mm tires not problem. We recommend running 23 or 25mm for ideal performance.

Have a great day

Heather Elliott | Warranty/ Technical Support Manager

Direct : 801.565.8003 ext. 130

9091 Sandy Parkway,
Sandy, UT. USA 84070

by Weenie

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by KarlC

AddictR1 as you will be putting these on your BMC TMR02 I would recommend going on the wider side with lower air pressure. Ride quality / comfort was the only complaint for these frames, everywhere else they scored just as high as the latest and greatest aero frames.

I use Zipp Tangente SL Speed Tubular in 27c at 80-85 pis on Zipp 404s on my BMC TMR01. They are one of the fastest tires you can get, light weight, very durable and super smooth. I get them on ebay for $60 - $70, you can see the below reviews and test...... ... e-and.html ... 2028370507 ... bular-tyre


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by addictR1

thanks Karl. as for the comfort side.. i actually enjoy riding on my TMR02. i find it just as comfortable as my AddictR1. as for tubular tires.. i already ordered the Veloflex carbon in 23mm. seems to be very highly regarded as a fast set of tires. i'll give those a try first and see and will keep the zipps in mind for next round. :)

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