S Works Turbo Road Tubeless.....are they worth it?

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by BigPoser

Currently running Bontrager R2 tubeless tires and they have been great for the winter riding. Racing season has started and I keep hearing that the S Works are amazing. In looking at them they are 100 grams less than each of the R2's so saving 200 grams is pretty sweet. I could actually use a little more clearance in the rear as I'm on 26mm and would be going to 24mm. I would keep the R2's for next winter so I'd still get my money's worth.

Anyone have any real world experience on the Turbo's in tubeless form? Are they worth the $200?

They'd be used for racing and training until August.

Thanks in advance.


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by ksolar

I've had them since the end of December and like them very much. Its been cold here, so I've only got about 500 miles on them. I have them set up tubeless on a set of HED Ardennes + and they seem smooth and fast. They are on my older wheels but a new bike (Roubaix sport to a s-works tarmac) so its hard for me to give comparison, as the previous bike had 28cc tubeless. Compared to tires I've run tubeless on the same wheelset of the same 24cc, they definitely feel the smoothest and fastest but I have no data for proof, just going by feeling. They are the lightest set of tubeless tires I've had. They appear to be well made and handling appears to be quite good, again different bike so not apples to apples, but I have zero complaints. 200 gram saving seems pretty good!

by Weenie

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by kode54

for the price...i wouldn't really recommend them. i've been using Schwalbe One Pro which has gone on sale a few times. i think i got them for about $49-$55 apiece and they are decent. don't think the turbo will go on sale much seeing that they are Spec. i got them passed down so i never bought them.
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by mpulsiv

What's amazing is S-Works Cotton not S-Works Turbo. Schwalbe One is a fantastic tire as it's more balanced, where S-Works Cotton is a dedicated race tire. Take a look at deep reviews and analysis http://www.bicyclerollingresistance.com

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by Geoff

I have been running them for 2 seasons now. They have been fine. $200!!!! Yikes.

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