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by dondomingo

Hello fellow WW's.

In 2017 I am planning to get a second wheelset for my Canyon Ultimate SLX. At the moment I am planning to go for the 2017 Fulcrum Zero.

My question is if any of you could recommend a secondhand wheelset in the same pricerange as the zero's.

I need a no-brainer-wheelset wich is durable and strong and arround 1400-1500 grams.

Any suggestions? Thank you

by Weenie

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by GambadiLegno

Campagnolo Zonda. In fact, I use them for racing too. It's a bit heavier than those grs you're looking for (1550 grs), but you'll save money and get one of the best wheelsets for everyday use (and for high performance too).

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by vejnemojnen

where are you located? Denmark? zondas usually go around 180 euros in local adverts in hungary, but you can get the same deals in germany or austria as well. Many sellers can be persuaded to ship within europe for reasonable costs.

bombproof and durable.

or you can opt for handbuilt ones such as these:

https://www.cnc-bike.de/product_info.ph ... s_id=16102


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by DaReef

What's wrong with your current wheels? Does "training" mean bad weather or road conditions? If so, why not just get a cheap used bike for those days? I find training on good equipment helps motivate me.

by Weenie

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by Multebear

How about the Shimano RS81? They are durable enough, same weight as the Zeros but considerably cheaper.

But honestly for training, if you don't want to build them yourself, then just buy the cheapest ones, you can find. Something like Shimano RS11 or similar. Why would you want something semi expensive for training!!

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