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by PaulSD

I was on cycling tour on the last weekend in the mountains with my team fellows which is one of the memorable tours but I was suffering from an issue in the end that my bicycle wheels do not support me and reduce the speed. I think it is no longer in the supporting condition now I want to change my wheels but I want to take an advice from cyclists that which company wheels I have to choose now?

by Weenie

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by prendrefeu

Huh? Can you explain a bit more of what your issue is with your wheels? In detail, please.
'Support' is a vague term by how you've described the situation.
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by mrgray

not stiff enough? as in not supporting whilst you were cornering and thus reducing the speed at which you could travel?

i'd be interested to know your weight. what wheels were they?

if this was the issue you need stiffer wheels, but for mountains deeper ones will not be a good idea.
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by F45

how much u wei m8?

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