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by mattyNor

I just wanted to commend these guys on the amazing service I got while ordering a pair of rims!

I was looking for a set of carbon, tubeless, wide profile, disc, clinchers, with removable decals for my gravel bike and short of ENVE I couldn't find anything from majour manufactures so I decided to go China carbon. I found these guys after a recommendation from another user on here so I fired off an email and after a short delay due to a national holiday in China I got almost unbelievable response times. I'd usually send emails around 11am (Toronto time) and would get responses within an hour from my contact there. Baring the understandable language barrier necessitating me sometimes asking the same thing twice she was always able to answer my questions and was always super pleasant to deal with. I wanted something from the from the WTD series but the 33 was too shallow and the 55 was too deep but I noticed a note at the bottom of the page saying they just released a 44mm rim at Euro bike so this is what I inquired about. These turned out to be available so I decided to take a chance and order a pair which showed up yesterday right according to the 3 week manufacturing, 8 day shipping time frame I was given. I lost the dimension drawing I was given however the important details are 44mm depth, 18 id, 26 od, and u shape profile. Weight was 507g and 511g which seems reasonable considering how beefy they are. Still waiting on spokes so I won't have a chance to build them for a week or two but I see no evidence of surface defects and they just feel super solid in my hands. I mounted up the tires I'll be using as I've heard they are a b**ch to mount but they went on no problem and seated super easily, although to be fair I just used a standard rim strip not the tubeless tape I'll install once these are built.

What really struck me about the whole ordering process is that I got an email this morning saying that she had noticed that I received my shipment and just wanted to check in to see if I was happy with them. Anyway, the lights in my dank basement apartment mean its really hard to photograph the finish on these but whats a post without a picture


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by jrmynthn

I see you're from Toronto, so am I. Glad the experience went well. I built up a set of Yishun rims two years ago and still going strong. They were chosen based on the recommendation of my wheel builder.

A while back I wrote up a full review on them if you're interested. Check it out here

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