Wide Rims and Tires: Real Measurements

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by KWalker

Wanted to start a thread, hopefully a sticky for the actual calipered measurement of wide rims with tires. There isn't a place online that has a list of available widths that one can reference when trying to see if their frame will clear a tire. Lets try to include caliper pictures if we can although I don't have one for my first contribution.

Pacenti SL23 with 23mm GP4000- 24.2mm (~500mi of use).

If we get enough contributions I can maintain a list at the top of this thread.

If anyone has measurements for the new HED Belgian Plus that would be awesome!
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ill principe
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by ill principe

Should thread title be changed to "Tire width on wide rims, real measurements"? Cause its the tire width we talking about, not the rim itself?

Disclaimer: not unlikely that I'm misunderstanding this...
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by Weenie

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by rmerka

Probably should agree on a standard inflation pressure as well.

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by cfrankscid

All at 90 PSI

HED Jet6 + with 25C Continental GP4000SII - 29.56mm (~2000 miles of use)
HED Jet6 + with 23C Continental GP4000SII - 26.15mm (300 miles of use)
Pacenti SL23 with 25C Continental GP4000SII -28.21mm (~2000 miles of use, switched directly onto the Jet6 for above measurement)
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by cfrankscid

Oh - and KWalker, those HED measurements for the Jet6 should be the same as the HED Belgium +. Same rim.

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by Birdman

Stans Alpha 340 rims + Continental Grand Prix 4000s ii 28c = 31.18 mm
(I think it was 90 +/- 10 PSI)

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by jeffy

Pacenti SL25 with Sector28 measure 30mm

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by Delorre

And why not also mention with what frame / brake calipers those 'big' tyres are used and fit :wink: Could be very usefull!

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by Calnago

Strange thread. While width "can" be a factor, in my experience with road bikes and wider rims with clinchers, the more crucial clearance issue is the height of the tire. Usually it will hit the brake or fork crown or back of the seat tube before the sides of the stays become the limiting clearance factor. So, even with a bunch of width measurements of different combinations, you generally still need to put it in the frame in question with the brakes you're using to get a feel for clearance .
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by newforker

H Plus Son Archetype and GP 4000 S 2 @ 110 PSI = 28.XX mm

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by Sam

What is the specified width of the GP4000s II tire?

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by fogman

Measurement variables include:
1. Tire pressure.
2. Internal bead diameter of rim (width), not width at brake track.
3. Age of the tire. New tires will measure less than aged tires as they will stretch a little with time.
4. Measurements should be taken at different points of the tire and averaged out.
5. Operator error (i.e. squeezing calipers too hard against sidewall of tire can give skewed results).
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by fogman

Here are my measurements for various tires on my Bora One Clincher (17c internal bead width) and my Bora One Tubular, both inflated to 100 psi:

Bora Clincher/Tire Width:
Conti GP4000S II (23c) = 25.4mm
Conti GP4000S II (25c) = 26.7mm
Vredestein Senso (25c) = 25.4mm
Schwalbe One (25c) = 26.2mm

Bora Tubular/Tire Width:
Vittoria Corsa CXIII (25c) = 26.0mm
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by newforker

Sam wrote:What is the specified width of the GP4000s II tire?

25 mm! Good catch..Conti definitely does balloon to a bigger size when on a fatty rim!

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by MJB

Fitted to Bora 35 tubular rims (24.2mm rim width) measured on logo - directly opposite the valve

Vittoria CG Pave green stripe (Pro Series 2015 model)

25mm model @ 90psi comes in at 25.2mm wide and sits 22.4mm above the rim
27mm model @ 90psi comes in at 26.8mm wide and sits 24.6mm above the rim


Fitted to Velocity Major Tom tubular rims with machined tracks (23mm rim width) measured directly opposite the valve

FMB Competition CX (Silk casing model)

25mm model @ 90 psi comes in at exactly 25mm wide and sits 22.4mm above the rim

The 27mm Vittoria CG Pave on the rear of my Colango EP is tightest under the rear brake bridge with circa 2.8mm clearance at heighest point ie the hump.

by Weenie

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