DA C24 vs handbuilt archetype+dt240

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by eoolsen

I'm currently on a set of DA C24, and loving them. But unfortunately my weight (80 kg) and the surface I ride on a daily basis has seen them becoming untrue after a mere 8000km. So I'm in the market of a handbuilt wheel that is a bit more durable and stronger.

My eyes are set on a pair of Archetype rims laced up with Sapim CX Ray spokes and DT Swiss 240 hubs.

If anyone has made this transition (or something similar), I would like to know:
- What is the weight of the handbuilt wheels compared to the DA C24?
- How lively on the hills/mountains are the handbuilt compared to the DA C24?
- Which of the two has the aerodynamic upper edge?

Thanks in advance

Erik olsen

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by hmai18

How timely; I just sold my 7850 C24s in favour of riding my DT240/Pacentis.

I put in a solid 3.5 seasons (~13,000km) on the C24s and never had to true or service them beyond a routine bearing check/repack at the start of every season, but my roads were mostly well maintained and I only weigh 60-63kg. I had a set of DT240s/SL23/DT Revs 28 2x all around built at the start of this season to race on because they'd be easy to service if I wrecked. Verified weight was 1450g with the Pacenti blue tape. I could probably get away with 20/24, but my hubs were salvaged from another wheel set. I recently switched to Stans Yellow tape, so that may have altered the weight by a few grams, but nothing worth measuring.

I love the ride feeling of the wider rims. I'm running 23mm tires at 85psi front/90 psi rear. In the rainy races during the spring, I was running 80/85 without an issue. So smooth and no discernable increase in rolling resistance. The increased confidence in tracking through corners alone was worth the switch.

The lighter C24 rims feel easier to accelerate in a pure hill climb. The thing is, most of my riding and races are on flat or rolling courses, so I chose to stick with a wheelset that excels at 90% of the terrain I ride on. There are very few times where I'm doing the hill climb and the time gap between the two is probably negligible.

Can't speak about aerodynamics quantitatively, but anecdotal evidence would probably say that the tire profile on a wide rim is more aero than on the C24 rim.

Now, if Shimano would get with the times and release a 9050 series wheel with a wide profile, I'd be all over that.

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by bikerjulio

I'm your weight and have built 20x28 wheels in both Pacentis and Archetypes. Both have survived and stayed true over some very rough roads here in Toronto.

My hubs are Bitex and spokes Lasers as sold by Bikehubstore.

Both are good rims, but considering the Archetypes may be a little stronger and are 1/2 the price, I'd agree with your choice. No opinion about the hubs or spokes.
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by bm0p700f

The pacenti rims is the most aero of all the rims mentioned so far. The archetype has a thicker nipple bed so it is very unlikey to crank. The DT Swiss hub has good bearing and a wonderful freehub design shame about the rear NDS flange spacing. I would use the WI T11 hub for a light weight durable hubset. If weight is not so much of an issue and you want high end then Royce ultralight (100g so not ultralight) front and Venus rear are practically perfect as are Dura Ace 9000 hubs. All of these hubs have better NDS rear flange spacing which means a stiffer wheel.

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by eoolsen

Hi all
Thanks for all the competent replies.
I am going with the archetype, cx ray and dt 240s build. And I cannot wait :).


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