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by fly

martinko wrote:May Shimano WH-RS81-C50 be considerable? Not light, but cheaper than 9000 version.
In order to allow people to hate me more for being middle aged I am riding Campy, so this prevents me from choosing things like Shimano or Giant wheels, unless somebody wants to convince me 11 speed Shimano is compatible with Campy. For the record I rode a friend's Dura Ace bike the other day and thought it was real nice. Especially if I was going electronic I would get Shimano. What can I say I like the thumb buttons when I'm riding on the tops. I do not like getting two upshifts instead of one when I use those buttons from the drops.

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by martinko

Ah, didn't know. WH-RS81-C50's are good everyday wheels anyway :) 11 speed Shimano cassette should work with 11 speed Camagnolo drivetrain from what I've heard (haven't got a chance to try it).

by Weenie

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by HillRPete

fly: now, knowing you're on Campa, it's almost compulsory to get some high zoot Campa wheels to stir it up a bit more. :mrgreen:
Totally agreed with everyone saying that the bike you ride the most should be nice. Value of nice depend on depth of pockets, obviously.
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by Derf ... ght_303199

Worth trying a friends' 11sp shimano wheelsets and seeing if something works.

Otherwise, pick a really nice Campy alloy wheelset, or build up a set of the flo30 rims on a set of record hubs and gain most of the aero benefit of their deeper offerings over most of the expected wind conditions. Mmmmmm... record hubs....

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by Dirty32

Id have thought that the RS81 (or the Dura Ace 9000's if you can spring the extra) in either a C50 or C35 would be great option.

I have read that you can use campy cassettes with Shimano or Sram groupsets, so you'd think you could use a Shimano or Sram cassette on the Campy groupset the other way... If you can bear the hate from the purists and are not averse to mixing things up.

Another one worth checking out that has recently been released is the SwissSide Hadron's. Apparently (via windtunnel testing) they perform better than any other rim in that segment of the market at half the price of most of the bigger players (and I have a feeling they aim at Zipp here). Might be worth a look.

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