New zonda plus veloflex corsa first week.

Everything about building wheels, glueing tubs, etc.
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by Valy

Funny, I had a catastrophic cut on a 100k old Evo corsa. Kept it for over a year and finally put a patch on. The patch cracked after around 300k and gave a really slow puncture. Just sharing)

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by Matey

How are you finding them after a week or so of riding, I'm looking at getting some Zondas myself as need a reasonably priced set of wheels to accomodate an upgrade to 11speed but these are all really have on my short list?

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by sychen

hi matey,

I'm loving the new wheels... certainly rolls smooth, much much quieter and lighter than my old set, also nifty feature of not needing rim tape.
To be honest my arsometer cannot tell any aero benefits if any but they are nice to ride on.

The only issues are the tight fit of the veloflex tires on the rims. Certainly had more punctures this last two weeks than the last two months but can't really fault the rims for that.... big ass screw through the tyre and some impatient tube replacement had me changing tubes a few times.

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