Industry Nine Classic Road Hubs

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by Horizons

Does anyone have any experience with these? Fast engagement, pretty good weight, made in 'murica, fair price and according to their own words low drag.

A local wheel builder has been using these for his own "high-end" wheels but i've never heard of these before. can't find any reviews on them either.

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by ergott

I'm building a set of mountain Classics today. Their quality is excellent and I would highly recommend their hubs.

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by Horizons

Thanks, they seemed like good choice if you want a more modern looking hub than White Industries and don't have Chris King money.

Are they particularly noisy? (3 pawls digging into 60 teeth) and how 'low drag' are they? do you have any hands on experience with the road version?

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by bombertodd

It's hard to tell how loud they are but they are not silent according to this:

My wife said she wants the gold ones if they're loud. Anyone have a comparison?

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by Horizons

I saw that video, but in the last frame i think i see disc mounts which would indicate they're the classic mtb hubs.

Loud is fine, as long as they're not BMX hub loud.

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by Juanmoretime

If you pedal then there is no noise. I've used both hubs. Choosing between Chris King and I Nine hubs is like splitting hairs since both are excellent. The instant engagement of both is very noticeable but only play an important role in the mountain bike world verses road. It makes a huge difference on a single speed mtg when trying to start riding on a steep climb.

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by cwdzoot

I have been using these on a lot of builds in recent months and they have taken the place of the King R45 as the go to hub for custom builds

The shape of the front hub is really nice, flanges are pretty far apart for a good stiff front wheel. Rear has high flanges and they build with a pretty even DR/ND spoke tension.

Bearings seem really good quality, hubs are easy to work on and don't require special tools.

Colors are great in the sun, ano work is top notch.

The freehub is very loud. For those who don't like that we grease the pawls and leave some excess grease in the cavity which seems to muffle it quite a bit into a low buzz.

All in for me 10/10

ImageIndustry-9-torch-hub by Glory Cycles, on Flickr

ImageI9 H Plus Son Custom - house favorite. by Glory Cycles, on Flickr

ImageIndustry Nine classic road hub blue by Glory Cycles, on Flickr
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by Horizons

Since there are now video's online of the i9 hubs, can you compare the sound of them to another hub?

Still debating between the T11 and i9, the t11 have a Ti hub body so they won't look like this after using them for a while. Plus they roll super smooth.


I like the look of the i9 more, but if they're really really loud it'll probably annoy me real soon.

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by bikerjulio


ImageIndustry-9-torch-hub by Glory Cycles, on Flickr

The wheelbuilding police would like a little word with you!
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by benzebub

what's the consensus on these hubs these days, especially compared to white industries t11? worth the extra price?
But I could be wrong

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by yongkun

Any updates of these vs WI T11 hubs?? Looking for a pair of new nice daily beaters, was previously on dura ace hubs for 5 years.

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by bm0p700f

One is not better than the other. You can buy the one you like the look of the most.

All hubs are a hub shell that rotates over bearings. There are good hubs at under $100 and good ones butnot better at being a hub that cost five times that.

Low drag. Give me a break. Put it ino perpestive. Take royce hubs they could be be described as draggy but that is the seals which are quite useful. The seals add less than 1w of drag which is not significant when riding.

No 1:1 lacing hub has pretty even tension ds to nds. That is not possible due to basic geometry.

The white industries t11 hub is about as expensive a a hub needs to be and even these lovely things provide shorter bearing life than the miche primato that cost $100. So i dont think the price is worth it from a value for money point of view. These purchases are jot really about that though they are about looks also but dont fool yourself into thinking otherwise.

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by sugarkane

i've built a few sets and have a pair on a demo wheel set.. they are really nice. well finished, the colour seems a bit stronger than the kings ( you have to take care when lacing kings that you don't scratch em ) engagement is really fast, they are pretty loud though but most people like that

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by F45

yongkun, I'd stick with DA unless you want a certain drilling that isn't offered or a bling color.

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