Enve Classic 45 - aero or just deep?

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Are Enve 45 Classic rims aero, or are they just deep (like Cosmic Carbones) ? Does anyone have any aero data or comparison tests? I know they are not as effective as the Enve SES series, but they are also significantly less expensive.

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by kaaos

not only less expensive but Enve 1.45 are also significantly lighter than 3.4.

I have Enve 1.25, 1.45 and 1.65 (all tubular) and it's very easy to feel aerodynamic difference between them.
So I believe 1.45 are aero.

I never rode 3.4 or 6.7 and I can't say how much more aero they are.
From what I heard 3.4 are supposed to be much more stable in crosswinds.

The reason I chose 1.45 and 1.65 is because they are much lighter... 1.45 are 1140g and 1.65 are 1290g.

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by sugarkane

I have 6.7s and 45s.. 45s fast. Light but a real handful on a windy day.
6.7s fast, not light and great In strong winds

Have mates that have owned 65s, sold em cause they were terrifying with even a little wind.
Also enves own data shows the 3.4s are just as aero as the 65s with out the low aOa stall problems

For me aero these days is defined as fast at over 10 degrees of cross wind. Which pretty much precludes any of the old pointy type deep(ish) carbon rims.
My 45s are built to SPM/SPX hubs from extralite and are under 1000g the pair.

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