Clinchers: Ksyrium SLR 125 -- DA 9000 -- Shamal Ultras

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by JimmyRingo

Hi all,

Been looking at the above three clinchers with the intentions of using for some alpine climbs (and descents!!). I'm buying at short notice for an event so need to shop and go. Also considered Reynolds Attack (2014 model) but have some reservations on descending on carbon rims particularly if the weather turns foul (although I have raced on carbon rims in the wet and have experience on alpine descents so maybe I'd be fine with the combined experience).

I like the look of the Ksyriums SLR 125 (I know, I know.... :oops: ), these are the LTD edition set and I've had Ksyrium elites before. I have had Shamal Ultras before, awesome wheels. Never used Shimano wheels.

The Ksyriums are the priciest but I can swing a deal from the LBS I'm sure. I'm in a bit of a quandry over which to go for with the last-minute panic thrown in (I need to buy before Thursday).

As always, opinions much appreciated. Thanks!

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by RC856

I've used Shamals in the Pyrenees and Mallorca. Love them.
You know how good they are :)

Most importantly....Shamals or DA...what groupset is on your bike?! ;)

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giant man
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by giant man

I would go for the Ksyrium 125s, I have had LE Ksyriums before and they're still good, look cool too ...

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by sawyer

Obviously shamals if on Campag and DA if on Shimano

Not sure the shamals are worth it over Zondas btw ... latter has a smoother
ride, steel spokes, and is half the price. You lose a little snap but that's it.
Stiff, Light, Aero - Pick Three!! :thumbup:

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by palcica

what is the weight limit for Ksyrium SLR?

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