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by miskur505

I have an old 24 hole PowerTap Elite hub that I am looking to build up into a clincher wheel. I am ~80kg and want something that is as stiff (for a powertap) and reliable as possible for training. Despite the fact that this is weight weenies, I do not particularly care how heavy this wheel ends up being. I would appreciate any and all suggestions regarding rim and spoke choice.

Thanks is advance!

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by Derf

I'll trade ya for a 32 spoke hub. :)

Could do a lot worse than the H+Son Archetype, Kinlin XC279, or Pacenti rim. Then there's Velocity's behemoths, but probably excessive.

If you're running 10 speed, 1x heads in DS, 2x NDS. 11sp, 2x,2x. Use nice spokes. Race on DS, Laser on NDS. Or whatever the equivalent is for other manufacturers.

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by miskur505

Ah yes, I should have specified that I'm running Shimano 10spd.

I was also considering HED Belgiums, but they are the most expensive option and I'm not sure if the price difference between it and the other options is actually warranted.

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by fio

I have had excellent experiences with the Pacenti SL23. I have built a 32 hole wheelset w/ powertap (albeit G3) and a 20/24 spoke wheelset (again G3), and have been very pleased with the results. The weight is very consistent rim to rim, and the tire profile created with the wide internal width is very nice. The build quality and braking surface is also superior to many other rims on the market (HED Belgium is close in this regard).

For spokes I've used DT competitions and Wheelsmith DB14's. Have not had issues with either. If you're just going to be training on the wheels, don't bother with aero spokes as the price is double what a normal double butted spoke costs, and the aero advantage isn't going to matter.

Another nice thing with the Pacenti's is that you can run them tubeless. I've been running them that way since early spring and it's awesome.

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by WMW

If you don't care about weight, then get a stiff and heavy rim.

Which Elite model is it... how old?
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by dunbar42

I have a 28h G3 laced to a Kinlin XC-279 with CX-Rays and like it. I weigh slightly less than you but wanted to err on the conservative side when it came to spoke count. You might want to add the Flo 30 rim to your list now that they sell them separately. At 80kg I don't think any of these rims in 24h will be an issue.

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