Vittoria EVO CX-II 25 Tubular w/ butyl tube

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by rgamble

These are great tires out of the box for all the reasons noted here & elsewhere.

My circumstance may be unique but a pattern emerged where the tire would go completely (not latex pressure loss) flat overnight.

Resetting the red anodized interchangeable valve stem with blue Loctite fixed the problem. Admittedly only an inconvenience but it caused me to not completely trust the tire.

I'm a lightweight rider using 90 psi with Fulcrum Zero's on good road surfaces. I also really like Continental Comp 25's glue it and forget it dependability.

After considering using a sealant preemptively I instead had the latex Vittoria tube on two tires replaced with a standard butyl tubes with the goal of obtaining the Vittoria ride with Continental dependability.

Has anyone else been down this road?

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by Getter

The latex tube is part of the ride.

I used to run the CX II...but can't seem to get more than a few months out of them before they get cut up.

I also used Stan's with the latex tube...and the Stan's didn't seem to play well with the tube.

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by HillRPete

May I ask what you paid for the mod?

I pondered something like this being wary of latex initially when trying Vittoria tubs. In any case I think most of the reliability is in the casing, not the tube. When something makes it through to the inside, all bets are off, regardless of the hose inside.

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by rgamble

You make a good point but it doesn't account for reseating the interchangeable valve stem fixing the problem.

The tires were modified by Tire Alert in Florida for $30 a piece. A highly recommended business.

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I've had good experience using Stans in a Vittoria CX (with latex tube) to seal up a slow leak. I don't recommend replacing the latex inner tubes with butyl, as it will make the tire ride poorly. As mentioned, Vittorias get easily cut up and damaged by road debris. I suspect, by switching tubes, you may have achieved the opposite of your goal: Continental ride quality with Vittoria durability.
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by rgamble


I really liked the way you phrased that example of the law of unintended consequences.

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by rgamble

Noticing cord showing thru the tread at a few spots on the Comp 25 yesterday after a ride provided the opportunity to try the hybrid Vittoria 25.

With the same rear wheel, bike, loop, and tire pressure the ride the hybrid provided was more Vittoria than Continental although about 3 hours into the 5 hour ride it began to feel more like a Continental. I attribute that to the butyl tube not slowly leeching air pressure. But who knows?

It also felt like it rolled along nicely. All in all the hybrid provided really nice sensations the entire ride.

The difference was subtle, nuanced, and of course subjective so if you were to try the same experiment you may get different results.

As noted in the OP this experiment was the result to the problem/pattern/solution focusing on the interchangeable valve stems working loose, not a generic durability exercise.

Who knows? It could have been a transient QC problem. I can't imagine a Thai tire factory as a pleasant work environment.

Added benefits: no sore thumbs from mounting the tire, and I won't have to pump it up again in the morning.

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by Zigmeister

I think the latex thing is given carte blanche when it comes to ride quality. I run a rear Conti/Butyl and front Veloflex/Latex. Depends on the tire pressure, and your bike.

I can assure you, on a Scott Foil, until you drop the pressure below 90psi...which I never do...the ride is rough, don't care what tubulars you are on.

On a frame with better compliance/comfort, the latex tubulars made a real obvious difference and quality was better.

Latex is not a panacea.

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