How high do you pump?

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What average tire pressure do pump to - most often?

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by Zoro

This poll is about what you actually pump you tires too when doing your "fast" riding on pavement on a road bike. Use the average between front and read pressure.

I understand answers might be different with clinchers vs. tubulars, front / rear, width, material, TPI, casing, types of roads, weight of rider and type of riding.

Feel free to elaborate in your post as to why.

by Weenie

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by mentok

90kg, 23 and 24mm wide rims with 23c tyres - 80 to 90psi standard. i couldn't tell you the last time i pinch flatted and i think the lower pressures help avoid slashing on the small rocks we seem to get a lot of in the shoulders around these parts - they seem to bounce away rather than dig into the sidewalls...

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by Flyfishing3

Checked 110 but use 115 on 25mm GP 4000s

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by btompkins0112

+1 on 80-90 psi

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by kaaos

tubular Continental Competition 22mm
95psi front
100psi back

I weigh 73kg

Johnny Rad
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by Johnny Rad

Rear: ~105psi
Front: ~100psi

23c clinchers and 73kg

When I was heavier at 79-82kg, tires were pumped ~5psi higher.

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by TuplaO

I voted 100 PSI

Rear: 100-110
Front: 95-100

Applies for Veloflex carbons. With Arenbergs, I may go slightly lower. I weigh a tad under 90 kg.

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by sugarkane

85kgs ish

Carbons and extremes 90 front and 97-100 in the rear.
In the wet 5psi less maybe another 5 if I thought it was really slippery
Got some arenburgs in the works looking forward to knocking the start pressures down 10psi :mrgreen:

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by Causidicus

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by NealH

80#, front and rear on Conti 4000 in 25. Great ride and performance.

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by shoopdawoop

I weigh 60kg and I typically go 90/95psi unless I know I'll be encountering some rough roads then I usually go 80/85.

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by Geoff

Well, I would always recommend different pressures for the front and rear. With my preferred hand-made 22's, I run 90-100 front and 100-110 rear, depend upon the road conditions. With a 'deep' set of race wheels, I will run a 25 on the rear, so will run a slightly lower pressure. If you are a bigger rider, I would not recommend running a new Hed/Zipp 'deep' rim bed on the rear without a 25 or less than 90psi for racing in good weather. The risk of pinch-flats is too high.

I am also trying-out tubeless tires as an experiment! I have been playing-around with the pressures and have been down as low as 70psi with no problems.

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by kode54

Causidicus wrote:
Johnny Rad wrote:Rear: ~105psi
Front: ~100psi

23c clinchers and 73kg.

Try 100 rear, 90 front. Even that may be a bit high.

that's my typical pressure...and when it rains or the roads are wet...10-15psi less all around.
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by eric

95 psi front, 100 rear.
I'm 145 lbs (66kg). 23mm clinchers.

I have used 85f/90r for an extremely bumpy race with no pinch flats.

by Weenie

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by efeballi

90 front, 100 rear. Using 25mm Conti GP4000S clinchers on 17 mm wide Ultegras.
Pretty rough roads here and no pinch flats yet.

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