What hubs are on these "old" 404s

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Edit: the stickers have been changed from the original red and yellow ones, so they must be pretty old.

EDIT, Tue 29th April, 5:07pm AEST :thumbup: : The seller has just told me they're Miche hubs. They seem to be pretty cheap on online sites (about $130), so are they any good?

I didn't think the older models came with black hubs.

And aren't they DT spokes? I thought they all came with Sapims?
Thanks :thumbup:

http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/zipp-404-car ... 338dfdae0a

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Correct! The seller just got back to me to say that they're Miche Primato Syntesi hubs.

So, what are they like? :D

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Miche hubs are a bit heavier but good quality. Didn't know that they exist with less then 28 spoke holes.
It might be, that the Front hub is from another brand.

The spokes are DT-Swiss, wich are as good as sapims.

For me it is quite obvious that these wheels are not assembled by Zipp. I can't tell about the rims, wich for me look like Zipps - but I don't know their rims good enough.

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Here in Toronto there was one place that sourced Zipp rims separately and built up their own wheels. So, others could have done the same.

I'd be extremely careful to be looking for cracks in those, sometimes starting under the tire, so would be hidden with tires mounted.

Probably at least 10 years old BTW.
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Thanks very much.
I decided not to bid on the wheels, partly because the changed stickers and the mostly-likely-replaced hubs raised some questions about them, at least to me.

They sold for $600 Aussie dollars

by Weenie

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