all-round Pacenti build: BHS 20/24 or DT240 28 2x?

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by hmai18

So, my sad story for this weekend: during servicing, discovered that my rear DT R1.1 rim has numerous cracks at the eyelets. I have a pair of C24s for nice days and weekends, but am following the "race what you can replace" mentality and my intention was to get a pair of wide clinchers for training/racing/winter.

So, it looks like I have two options:

1. Re-lace the DT240s I have on Sapim Race spokes to Pacentis. Lacing will be 2x all around. Cost is about $275 for two rims, spokes, and rim tape. Should build up around 1470g.

2. BHS is currently clearing out old stock Pacentis and I can get a set laced 20/24 to their SL85/210 hubs on CX-Rays for $425 and should build up to around 1400g. If I sell my DT240s (looks like I can expect around $200 for the set on eBay), the cost is about the same as option #1, but I have to deal with selling the hubs, which isn't a guarantee.

About me: I'm 130lb in-season and don't think I've ever topped 135lb off-season. I'm located in the PNW, so I can't afford to be a fair-weather rider. These things will be ridden year round, so I'm also concerned about hub durability. Then again, bearings aren't super expensive, so it's probably not a huge deal if I have to replace them every spring.

Lots of climbing here in BC, but the minor difference in weight probably isn't going to mean that much. I guess it comes down to hub quality? Would appreciate any thoughts here.
So, thoughts?

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by Causidicus

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by WMW

DTs aren't hard to service... so long as you have the DT tools which aren't that cheap. Or if you are calling "service" just lubing the ratchet, ya that's easy.

Pretty sure the bearings in the BHS hubs are easy to replace without proprietary tools.

Also pretty sure there will be a step down in quality and durability too...
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by Slagter

If you didn´t have any hubs at all and had to buy all the parts for a wheel, I would recommend the BHS, just because they are cheaper. But since you already have put your money in the DT240s, I would keep them. They are nice, beautiful and good quality. BHS imho would be a step down. I know this is a WW board, but the 70 grams are spend with very solid hubs.

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by F45

I would keep the 240s
Lace with Lasers to save 90 grams
Use a cheaper rim like the BHS wide rim or Kinlin XC279.

The Pacenti is nice but you did say this was a cheaper build. I just don't see what advantage you're getting by spending an extra $50 per rim.

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by hmai18

That's the direction I was leaning towards, but it's always nice to have your thoughts reinforced.

I'm ready to order parts, but was hoping a wheelbuilder would be able to confirm my spoke calcs based on 28 2x lacing all around to the 240s:

283.8 (round up to 284?) front.
281 left rear, 279.6 (up to 280?) right rear.

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