Lacing Mavic C40 CXR with hubs other than MAVIC?

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by stang1

Just wondering if its possible to lace MAVIC C40 CXR rims to hubs other than Mavics? I just cant seem to get a fancy on them mavic hubs.

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by Maximilian

Unlikely. They're straight pull but the issue is the nipples which is proprietary. Different hubs required different length spokes. You wouldn't be able to use the mavic spokes as they're probably the wrong length. DT-Swiss or Sapim straight pull spokes may fit in the hub but probably won't play with the mavic nipples. To be honest there's nothing intrinsically wrong with the hubs, so you're probably best off just putting up with them.
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by prowheelbuilder

Sure they can be re laced to any 16 /20 hole hub i.e. White Industries T11's or Chris King R45's. Yes the nipples are proprietary however they work with a standard 2.0 spoke thread and I can get them from Mavic. Cost is hubs, spokes, nipples (about $0.85 ea) and labor ($60.00 per wheel).
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by cajer

Would you be willing to sell your mavic hubs.

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by ultyguy

Anyone seen the C40 tubular rim in the flesh? What width is it? Almost impossible to find any info on that wheel.

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