Shimano DA9000 C35 Aero Performance

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by benhama

Has anyone out there got any drag or wattage numbers regarding the differences between the DA9000 C24s and C35s wheelsets please?

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by ultyguy

This old article had the 24s being really very aero give their depth...

I've had the C35s (7900), but never the 24s. 35s, are great wheels, durable and stiff, but I don't think they are much to right home about on the aero front. They are still a preferred wheel on the CX circuit. I think they are 21mm wide, not sure if they've changed the rim for the 9000 version, but I think not. Fwiw, I can run an 11 speed 6800 cassette on my 7900 wheels by removing the 11 and adding a 1mm spacer behind the cassette.

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