Campagnolo hyperon thoughts?

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by weekendroadie

Any Hyperon riders out there that can offer there ride traits of this wheelset. I was previously on bora's but looking for something lighter for climbs/mixed terrain riding on regular routes. I also used
to have a pair of Reynolds DV46T UL 16/20 that I really miss for there quick spin up and climbing, also
considering some MV32T's for there low rim weight. From what I've read/researched on the hyperons
it's there overall package and robust build that sound appealing and campy's loose bearing hub's are
a plus for maintenance and not having to replace/buy cartridge bearings.

Many, many topics on these. Please :search:



and more

by Weenie

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by Montana

This thread will get some interesting response...

I have a set of the hyperon ultra twos and love them! I do not fell they are as good (light and fast) for climbing as my edge 42s or my Reynolds mv32s however. The hyperon has great breaking performance and of course the cult bearings are awesome! If I could have only one set it would be the edge 42s (prior to Enve) they are the lightest and stiffest.

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by weekendroadie

Hey thanks for the input, that's the kind of info I'm looking for. The edge 1.38's were pretty light
at 265grams per rim, I wouldn't mind a lightly used set if they were offered up. How do the hyperons
compare to your mv32t's when pushing in the flats?

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by LionelB

I have hyperon u2 and bora u2. Both very good. Hyperon less susceptible to side wind which is good in the mountains descents. They actually hold speed on the flat very well.

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by kavitator

What is the weight of Hyperium rim?

Custom build? - Corima Winium, Ax lightness, Duke(?)...and some hubs with good geometry (Alchemy Orc, Bartime powerflange...)

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by Causidicus

Nice wheels but difficult to reconcile their price with what they deliver.

by Weenie

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