25mm wide U shaped rims: Farsports rims vs Yoeleo 25mm Tubs

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by mambo

Hi Guys,

I'm in the market for a set of rims probably to be built up with some Chris King R45 hubs.

I've been looking at the new wide U shaped rims from Farsports and Yoeleo. I like the idea of the RAIL rims, but they only do clinchers as far as I can see.

Does anybody know if there are any differences in quality. The Yoeleo rims use "SAT" technology which basically eliminates the spoke holes on the interior of the rim with the following claimed advantages:

1.Without linerband,accordingly reduced weight;
2.Pressure resistance ability of braking facet improved 30%;
3.Increased 10% of air inflation capacity;
4.Decreased processing damage to rims when drilling holes.

The Farsports don't. In all other respects the rims seem similar.

I'd appreciate any advice on which I should pop for.

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