Aero Aluminium - Flo 30s vs Soul 3.0

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by istigatrice

I see Soul has updated their 3.0, it looks more aero than their previous versions. How do people think they stack up against the Flo 30s? They're a similar price, depth weight etc. Does anything set them apart?
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by Ilikepie

I was also considering the Soul S3.0 until a few friends of mine had their fair share of experiences with broken spokes.
I think you might be better off with the Flo 30s.

by Weenie

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by davidalone

If you're a heavier rider and rough on equipment, the Soul 3.0s might not be your best choice. they are nice wheels but need to be taken care of, due to the minimalist deisgn and smallish bearings used. I'm lightish and I service all my own equipment, so they work for me. ( might have changed, I'm using a n older set of souls ( 2009-ish) so can't comment on their newer stuff) they are cheap and customer service is good though.
for broken spokes, everyone should check the tension on your wheels once delivered- thats usually the case when spokes get broken because they've been banged around in transport or whatever, and they've lost some tension.
I live in singapore, so maintenance or getting sprae parts is alos no biggie if I need to. Sean is a real life architect and his dad ( an engineer) certifies all his designs, so you are getting a pretty good product for what it's worth.

FLO looks good too, the only downside is you gotta weight. it's a toss up really, i think both are good wheels.

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by bombertodd

I'd get the Flo 30's. They are nice for the price.

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by soulbike

Hello people of WW, I have to say I'm a little shocked and sad that after so many years in this industry, the game has not changed much.

When someone asks about our product, magically we get someone who's first post is a negative one, and magically our wheels have been exploding left right and centre...... seriously?? From day one of us being on the internet and now 5-6 years later, nothing has changed. Our only hope really is that people do not generally belief these attacks as that's all they are.

I do not comment on other people's products and have resisted in commenting on comparisons but this is just getting ridiculous. So I am going to tell you what I tell all my customers," Buy the most expensive pair of wheels you can afford and are comfortable with" and that's the truth.

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by Calpol

I have some Soul S3.0. I think I have ridden them for about 1000 miles now and I love them. Light, stiff, reasonably aero and very good value for money. I also found Sean a pleasure to deal with. I think they represent an excellent alternative to some very expensive wheels of a similar specification. I would probably buy another set but carbon tubs next time. I wrote a brief review on another site.

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by maldin

I would also like to add my vote of satisfaction about Soul wheels as a company and the S3.0 in particular. I live in the UK and had a good experience purchasing the wheels - good communications, good price and decent delivery times. I have not put many miles on the wheels yet (3 weeks of solid summer riding in on good southern hemisphere roads) but to date I have no problems. I'm 65kg and was using them on good roads -I've can't speak for their longevity nor how well they will hold up to British quality roads, nor if I was heavier, but I am happy at this point. Based on my experiences with the company so far, I hope and expect that if there are any problems then Sean will do his best to sort them out.

by Weenie

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