Zipp 202 Stiffness and 2014 Hubs?

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Johnny Rad
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by Johnny Rad

@Iluminate - I'm not following your auto analogy...

Yes, Hyundai makes a more reliable auto than Lambo.

Hyundai has the longer warranty of the two per your post.

by Weenie

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by bombertodd

James0133 doesn't get paid by Zipp that I know of. While Peloton Mag gets paid from Zipp via advertisement. Might be some bias involved.

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by Rush

Illuminate wrote:
Hyundai - 5 year warranty. Lamborghini - 3 year warranty (aus) therefore Hyundai > Lamborghini.


Well a Hyundai has less chance of catching fire.

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by ichobi

Has Peloton mag ever review anything bad? Too glowing.

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by kdogg32

ichobi wrote:Has Peloton mag ever review anything bad? Too glowing.

I wouldn't say bad, but they've given less than stellar reviews in the past. I don't think your ever going to get a cycling mag these days to say a product is a POS.

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