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by Bridgeman

I've been making a point of training on a first gen Camp Eurus wheelset (mid 90's?), which I believe weighs over 1650gr, not to mention the heavy inner tubes and tires mounted on them. The type of training here is long very fast group rides, with lots stop signs and subsequent drag race to get back to speed. The old Eurus wheels kick my ass for sure, and I feel like I've gotten a great workout afterwards. I have been using them for durations of about 3 to 4 weeks.

But when I switch over to my Reynolds MV32 Tubulars, it is like night and day. These wheels weigh about 1150gr. I understand the part about the repeated hard accelerations and how they can take a toll, but what is puzzling is the presumed lack of aero compare to the modern wide rims.

I don't think my legs can perceive the extra watt or 2 or 5 extra drag. After anywhere from 3 to 5 hours I'm feeling pretty dam fresh. I've gone back and forth with these 2 sets many times now.

I'm not so hellbent thinking I need new wheels now. I got no issues with my bike.
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by NealH

Wheel aero drag is a small percentage of the overall drag. Rotating weight however, can be discerned since the difference in moments of inertia can be large (relatively speaking). So you might very well be expending less aggregate watts with the 32's than the Euru - especially with lots of starts and stops, and dynamic maneuvers.

Contadore seemed content to continue riding his Zipp 202's, even on the flatter stages.

If you generally do more than your fair share of pulling the group, a deep dish wheel should help as it will exhibit less aero drag in conditions typical when you're out front.

by Weenie

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by Zen Cyclery

The presumed lack of aero is only noticeable in the wind tunnel. Light weight wheels won't make you any faster, but they will make your accelerations feel faster.

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