Corima Aero+MCC or Lightweight

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by Copperband

Have a dilemma....

I'm looking at 3 the below 3 wheelsets and I can't decide between them...

1) Corima Aero+MCC
2) LW Meilenstein
3) LW Meilenstien Obermayer

I have read that Corima Aero+ MCC is about 1 of the best out there... but I can't find any good reviews besides the one at ... ml?lang=en

I have been reading quite extensively but I can't find a thread that talks about the 2 different LW wheels.

Would the Meilenstein or the obermayer be more worth it overall.?

Hope to hear from you guys.

Thanks in advance

by Weenie

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by justinn

What are you using the wheels for?

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by Succisa75


Need some help deciding what wheels to get. Currently I have the Cosmic Carbone SLE wheels on my Storck Aernario G1 and want something lighter and a bit faster:)

Narrowed it down to the Lightweight Meilensteins and the Corima Aero+MCC

I've had the opportunity to test ride the Meilenstein C Wheels (I'll go for tubular) but not the Corima's.

The Lightweights are a fantastic wheel but it seems that they don't hold speed as well as a Zipp 404 in my experience

Obviously price wise the Lightweights are a bit more but I'm able to get a decent deal so the margin between the two won't be that far off.

Any experiences with the Corima MCC here?

I'm attaching two pics to see how they look visually on the Aernario. Any help or opinions would be greatly appreciated.
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You will find that if you search, topics like this have been covered before...

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by F45

If the MCC is so good, why don't Astana ride it more?

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by Succisa75

I believe some from the Astana team still do ride with the MCC. Also maybe due to the UCI restrictions the heavier wheels like the Aero S or Aero + make more sense perhaps?

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by aerozy

I am currently running some Lightweight standard III's and Corima aero+ MCC on my two main road bikes. I have owned a lot of wheels in the past including Enve, Zipp, Reynolds, Shimano, Campy, Fulcrum, you name it and these two wheelsets are the best I've ever had.

The Corima MCC's are my favourites though. They feel more aerodynamic, definitely better in crosswinds. They are equally light and stiff but I'd say the corima's have a slight edge on the LW's in both departments. Generally the Corima's are snappier more lively wheels to ride.

Only downside to the Corima's is that customer service is a disaster. I had to replace my rear wheel after an accident and it took close to a year to get it back.
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by Weenie

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by beanbiken

Hi sorry to revisit such an old thread but Copperband, did you make the purchase, which way did you swing??

Steve M.

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